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Sven Brevis Office Furniture

Brevis desk system Overview

Brevis office desks are contemporary, innovative, flexible and exceptionally easy to assemble and reconfigure. The desk components, on C-frames or Y-frames, have a visual lightness which is complimented by the simplicity of the square-edged tops.

Brevis Office Furniture Office Desks and Pedestals

Brevis office desks are supported on either Y-frames or C-frames. C-frames incorporate wire management as standard. All main worksurfaces are fitted with plastic access cutouts as standard. On veneered tops, polished stainless steel access cutouts may be specified as an option. Frames may be shared between adjacent desks to reduce cost.

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Rectangular Office Desks

Office desks 800mm to 2000mm wide.

Wave Office Desks

Brevis offers two styles of wave desk for office. The Brevis wave curls back to 800mm at each end, maximising flexibility of layout. The Classic wave is 800mm deep at one end and 1000mm at the other.

Double Wave Office Desks

Double Wave office desks curve out to 1000mm at each end, and are available in 1600mm and 1800mm widths.

Corner Desks

Corner desks are available in 1600mm, 1800mm and 2000mm widths. To reduce cost, it is possible to delete the return frame and attach the return end to a pedestal or storage unit.

Compact Wave Desks

Compact wave units “wave in” from 800mm to 600mm or 525mm (depending on range/model), compared to a conventional wave desk’s 1000mm to 800mm. This saves a very useful 200mm – yet when facing into the wave there is still more than adequate knee room. The small widths available add to the space-saving appeal. Compact wave desks offer the flexibility of placing a pedestal (deep or shallow) to either side.

Compact Corner Desks

On compact corner desks the return depth is reduced to 1000, compared to the 1200mm of the standard corner desk. This still provides plenty of depth when used with a flat screen monitor and offers a useful reduction in footprint. Compact corner desks are available in 1600mm and 1800mm widths, with the same “attached” option as Corner desks.

Arc Office Desk

A desk 1812mm wide (point-to-point) following a 30° arc. Often used – either singly or in pairs, and fitted with optional modesty panels – as reception desks.

Kidney Office Desk

Distinctive kidney-shaped desk 2000mm wide.

Height Adjustable/Mobile Desks

The Brevis Y-frame is optionally available in a height adjustable version, giving a worksurface height range of 715-855mm. Both fixed and height-adjustable Y-frames may also be specified fitted with large castors in place of the rear feet, making desks exceptionally easy to move and rearrange. [castors only available on rectangular, wave and double wave desks]

Unhanded Corner Workstations

Symmetrical corner units either 1600 x 1600mm or 1800 x 1800mm, 800mm deep at each end. Designed to be used with narrow pedestals underthe worksurface, or freestanding desk height, desk depth pedestals adjacent to the worksurface.

Shallow Corner Workstations

A compact 1200 x 1200mm corner unit, 525mm deep at each end – enabling a desk-height 525mm deep pedestal or storage unit to abut on either or both sides.

120º Workstation

May be used individually, but more usually in clusters of three. Also available with an integral pedestal to left or right.

Free Standing Pedestals

All pedestals incorporate side drawer pulls, and may optionally be fitted with triangular Brevis handles or bow handles.

Low Mobile Pedestals

Offer a cost saving over medium height pedestals (one drawer less). Also useful where the space between the pedestal and the underside of the desk can be utilised, e.g. to support a small printer or other equipment.

Narrow Pedestals

320mm wide, compared to the 431mm of standard pedestals. Useful where knee space might be restricted.

Brevis Office Furniture Office Storage

A very extensive range of office storage available in both MFC and veneer finishes.

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Freestanding Office Storage


Open front, double doors, filing drawers, vertical tambour or side-opening tambour. Desk height through to 2055mm high. 800mm and 1000mm widths and a wide choice of internal fittings.


Our bookcases are 400mm deep and are available in sizes to stack on desk height storage units (with or without glass doors), and also as freestanding units up to 2055mm high. Freestanding units may be open fronted or fitted with timber doors.

Overhead Office Storage


Brevis offers a unique gantry overhead office storage system. The gantry structure can support shelves or tambour storage. In addition, gantries may be specified with integral roller blinds, which may be pulled down as required to provide visual privacy. Gantries may alternatively be spanned by fabric covered magnetic notice boards

Mobile Office Storage

Convenient desk-side mobile office storage, ideal for shared box files, ring binders or reference materials.

D-end Office Storage

Provides additional worksurface and useful storage space at the end of two desks butted back-to-back.

Quadrant Office Storage


A small 90° unit than smooths off the end of a desk high storage unit.

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