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High quality office furniture designed in the UK, manufactured at their factory in the West Midlands and supplied through a nation-wide network of distributors. We supply general office desks, executive desks, bench desking, reception desks, conference tables, meeting tables, office screens, office storage, built-in storage walls, ergonomic office seating, reception and breakout seating. We offer a wide range of finishes, in both veneer and MFC.

Open Plan Office Solutions

We highlight below our ranges that are best suited to creating open plan office layouts.

All Sven Office Furniture is available to view or order at our Used office Furniture Warehouse

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Ambus offers a huge choice of components, many of which can be very effectively combined to form groups and clusters in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Storage can be integrated into the layout where appropriate. Ambus may be specified in a choice of MFC and veneer finishes, and with desks on panel ends or metal endframes. Ambus also offers several levels of cable management so you only pay for what you need.

ambus--120desksNatOak-140x100_140_100.jpg ambus-Panel-end-bench-149x100_140_100.jpg


Brevis enables you to create workstation clusters in a very wide range of shapes and sizes, making it ideally suited for open plan applications. It has a beam-based construction, which means that modesty panels, while available as options, are not part of the structure. This reduces cost, as does the ability to share end frames in runs of desks.

Brevis mixedopen 010 small_140_100.jpg Brevis-120-Desks-140x100_140_100.jpg


Juice is a bench desking system, designed primarily to create long double-sided bench desks – although single sided and stand-alone workstations are also part of the range. Bench desking is inherently suited to open plan use, and its primary applications are to provide hot desking or shared use work areas, or to create layouts for team working. Juice provides a flexible, effective and affordable solution.

Juice wave1 small_140_100.jpg Juice team1 small_140_100.jpg


X-Range offers all the key components you need to create attractive, cost-effective open plan layouts.

X-Range-CWD-140x100_140_100.jpg X-Range-CornerDesks-140x100_140_100.jpg

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